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The husband and I decided it was time to build a new computer so that we can both finally use the Internet at the same time. Because, really, what do you do when you’re not on the Internet? I won’t go into too much detail, but OMG WE HAVE A COMMAND CENTER NOW. The first thing we decided to do with it? Play Left 4 Dead 2 together, of course!

Typically, I don’t like to play games online because I feel weird about interacting with people I’ve never actually met in real life. But I’ve really wanted to play with the husband because I know him and that would be fun. Having a command center lets us do that now! So, we started our own server and started making our way to the mall. I learned pretty quickly that we weren’t the only ones playing on our server, but I didn’t mind so much mostly because I didn’t pay much attention to them.

Now, here’s the thing. One: I’m not used to playing with other people, so that was a weird paradigm for me. Two: I like playing games because they’re fun, but I’m nowhere near being top of the class. I also don’t aspire to be the best because it’s just not that important to me. What does all this mean? I would sometimes maybe shoot my teammates a little. But it was completely unintentional! I know, I know. I’m that person, but give me some time and practice and I won’t be. Okay?

Or, if you don’t want to get shot, how about this? Don’t run into the middle of the horde. Or, maybe even play on a server with a more difficult setting and better players? Playing on an Easy/Normal server and then getting upset with and griefing your teammates who aren’t perfect shots is like swimming in the kiddie pool and then yelling at the two-year-old who pees in the water.

So, one of my teammates started shooting me on purpose, and I thought his irrationality was annoying but also funny. The husband, however, was not amused. Do you know what he did for me? He killed my griefer!

That is one of the sweetest things anyone has ever done for me!


You thought I was dead, didn’t you?

I took a break over Thanksgiving (i.e., last Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) to drink myself silly, and if I’ve learned anything from my early twenties, it’s that you should never drink and write at the same time, especially when other people are going to see what you write. Believe me, you should be thanking me for taking a break. I also needed to get in some much-needed quality time: first with the husband and then with the Mass Effect 2 and the Left 4 Dead 2.

But now it’s Monday and we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming. Boy, do I have great things in store for you this week!

You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

Posted: November 7, 2011 in Food, Lurve
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Did I ever mention I’m married to a wonderful man? Well, I am.

I’ve been down and out lately, so what did he do? He got up early and made his signature “double” sandwich: two fried eggs, two slices of fried ham, and two slices of gooey extra sharp cheddar cheese between two perfectly toasted slices of whole wheat bread. Heart stopping, but delicious. Oh, and he served it to me in bed 🙂 While I was eating, he disappeared. When he reappeared, he had two dozen red roses and a vanilla cappuccino for me!

Yes, I’m aware we’re using a pitcher as a vase. I like the aesthetic 🙂

Breakfast in bed and roses are simple things, but it’s amazing how much they can make one feel loved and supported. Partnerships are pretty awesome things. I highly recommend them to anyone.