Micro Monday: One Small Step

Posted: March 25, 2013 in Micro Monday
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Dr. Saito was a small cube now. Her former body lay inert on the table, and the cube now glowed a soft, mint green light. The light was not really necessary, she’d explained to Dr. Tanaka. Its only purpose was to indicate to the panel of witnesses to this historic even that the cube was on. Whatever other inferences they drew were their own.

Based on the gasps coming from the men and women gathered in the room, this little flourish showed some foresight.

Tanaka ran the preliminary diagnostic tests to ensure the transfer had been successful. As far as he could tell, the board was green. He looked up from his screen, smiled, and announced, “Transfer complete.”

The faces of the witnesses brightened, they cheered, and one popped the cork on a magnum of champagne. They hugged. They cried. They sang.

Tanaka smiled again as he watched the crowd of scientists and investors who had poured money, support, and even expertise into Saito’s tireless mission to imprint a human consciousness onto a mobile, electronic platform. She’d done it. The first person to take the first steps into immortality. The next step would be to transfer her again into another organic platform. His work was only half-complete.

Still, this first stage was miraculous in itself. He would let the others have their celebration. For now, he would sit down and relax for the first time in five years.

The others had found a new song, now. Several even had their arms around each other’s shoulders and swayed back and forth. Another two clasped hands and began to dance as a pair.

Tanaka closed his eyes and rested his head against palm, still smiling, basking in their success.

Then, there was another gasp, though decidedly of a different timbre from the first gasp of the evening.

He opened his eyes just in time to see the soft, mint green glow flicker and die as rivulets of champagne slithered down its sides.


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