Sleepytime Revelations, Harry Potter Style

Posted: January 7, 2012 in Books
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This was the thought I had as I slipped into sleep last night: “Malfoy means ‘bad faith.'” I wonder why this never occurred to me before. Rowling, after all, is no stranger to playing with words and names. And, “bad faith” describes the Malfoys in more ways than one. It could mean that faith in them is misplaced; alternatively, it could mean they put their faith in bad things. The world makes sense now!

Ways to tell you’re a nerd #1: You deconstruct novels while you’re falling asleep.

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    I didnt know that was what it meant. I do know Rowling likes giving names with meanings though, just never occurred to me Malfoy would mean that.

    • Well, I can’t say for sure that’s what she meant to say. But, “mal” means “bad” in Latin, and “foy” could come from “foi,” which is French for “faith” and could come from the Latin “fides,” which means “faith.” In reality, Rowling could’ve been just putting sounds together. However. the two syllabuls could be interpetered to mean “bad faith” if you look at them in the right light 🙂

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