On Being a Pipsqueak

Posted: November 22, 2011 in General Musings
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Last night, a twenty-five-year-old woman had to climb the counter to reach the top shelf of the cupboard. That woman was me. I gotta say, I climbed that counter with no small degree of bitterness and grumbling. My cupboards aren’t even unusually high! Then I went running this evening and passed under a tree that had been trimmed so that only someone my size or smaller could pass under it without having to duck or risk losing an eye. And it had only just been trimmed, too. The leaves were still in bags off to the side. I can only imagine the owner of that tree had been forced to climb one too many counters in her lifetime and decided to stick it to the tall people passing under her trees. It was like the universe had balanced itself.

I actually don’t mind being short, counter-climbing indignity notwithstanding. I feel like it gives me an edge because people seem to associate size with ability. Suckers. Keep that in mind when you see someone who looks “cute” because she’s small. Chances are good she’s scrappy.


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