Breakthroughs Abound

Posted: November 20, 2011 in Health, Writing
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It’s a red-letter day, slackers! I have destroyed all personal records for longest time sticking to an exercise plan (three days). That doesn’t count, of course, the high school years when The Man tried to force me to be healthy with one semester (total) of Phys Ed. You have to admit requiring only one semester of P.E. is a pretty weak attempt at creating life-long healthy people. So, like Freud blamed his mother for his problems, I’ll blame Arizona’s education system for my extra fluff—of which I’m down two, almost three, pounds!

It’s also a red-letter day because it marks a significant improvement in my writing productivity. In the past two weeks, I’ve ground out forty pages of writing, not including blog posts. And those forty pages didn’t just come from a passing spasm of inspiration; they came from deliberately writing two pages every weeknight and ten pages every weekend. Statistically, it takes thirteen iterations to create a habit. Two weeks’ worth of daily writing means I’ve deliberately established it as a habit. It’s only a matter of time now, New York City. You’d better be ready for what the Pipsqueak’s bringin’!

You may be thinking that I’m using “breakthrough” bit prematurely. I know it’s only been two weeks of writing and one week of exercising. I know I’m still a long way from my writing and health goals. And, I know there are still months of editing after the months of writing are done and a lifetime of improvement and upkeep after I reach my weight and strength goals. But, hey, celebrate small successes, right?


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