Cheers to Tough Decisions

Posted: November 9, 2011 in General Musings
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It need hardly be said that easy decisions are easy (duh!). We make so many easy decisions in a single day that we hardly register them. Now that’s not to say the easy decisions are inconsequential. Brushed teeth could be the difference between getting a job, getting a promotion, making a friend, or whatever and not.

But the tough decisions have weight.

The tough decisions decide the course of your life.

The tough decisions keep you up at night.

The tough decisions tell the world who you are.

The tough decisions tell you who you are.

For better or worse, the struggle that tough decisions bring us is exactly the opportunity we need to become the people we want to become. And, having failed to make the right decision in the past does not bar us from making a better decision in the present or future.

So, when the Tough Decision is trying to stare me down (and it has done a lot in the past few months), I feel perfectly confident in taking the challenge. I know that whether I make a mistake or not, I’ll be a new person with new opportunities because of the exchange. And that prospect is thrilling!

  1. Needed to hear this today! Thanks. Great writing also.

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